Lune Fi – Latoon Regional Map, by AkherQursan

This is a mapmaking competition entry from AkherQursan.

Lune Fi - Latoon Regional Map, by AkherQursan

Lune Fi

The capital region of Latoon. Mainly inhabited by a race named Horin Ti.

“A land not yet blessed by the gracious deeds often done by the tiny people of the Tri Oilun faith. With countless territories containing large dry canyons and beasts that are unmatched in size by anything else on the face of the planet, it is no wonder that the Tri Oilun’s have not yet explored and worked these intimidating lands. The future looks bright, as we have formed agreements with the small Tri Oilun people to build many exploration teams and habit systems which contain protection for these important beings and open a new diplomatic agreement with their stations – connecting us to yet another part of this wonderful continent.”

– Mi`anty – Horin Tinian Renine 9060Sy

“Low in the valleys you will find crumbled cities that were once home to some of the greatest civilizations ever noted by this world’s famous historians.
Up high, you will find us, and the tall towers we built. Just so we could be that much closer to God.”

– Imaa – Horin Tinian Renine 6240Sy

Copyright info for this map: BY-NC-ND Creative Commons.


  1. The Ascension says:

    Very stylish with a strategy video game look.

  2. I pretty map, nicely executed. It comes off a little flat, and the lines are a bit curious, but I like the overall effect.

  3. That’s a wonderful map, with great typography. Mountains might have come out a little more strongly.

    I love the informational content with the small overview map showing the location of the area in the grand scheme, and the map key.

  4. Great work. I love the textures and color palette you used. Also the mapping elements you used are very refreshing giving it a real fantasy look. I think the other elements (scale, legend and overview map) are a little disconnected, as they have a very modern look while the map itself has a more ancient look to it.

  5. Colours, legend, symbols, the small inset map – very good work. The only thing which looks not completely in line with the style is the dropshadow applied to the land. Everything else – beautiful.

  6. This is very pretty. I love the colour palette and the decorations. It’s very easy on the eye. It’s stylishly done and easy to read.

    My problem is the rivers. You have rivers that split and join. There are rivers that run from sea to sea. Rivers flow downhill and almost never split as they run to the sea. The waterways on this map are entirely unphysical so I had to pull back some marks on that. I was also a little unsure that the transit paths would be as dead straight as you’ve marked them. A terrain of canyons and great beasts would suggest more circuitous routes than you show, but I can see that there might be reasons for that – depending on the tech level. I love the patterns you’ve used to depict the routes – they’re very evocative. I also love the inset on the map showing the location in the world.

    Beautiful work!

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