Map-Making Competition: Win $100 Worth of ProFantasy Mapping Software

The poll results are in and you, dear readers, voted in favor of a little mapping competition.

So let’s jump right in to the rules of engagement.


  1. Map anything you want that is related to a fantasy setting or theme:
    • World map
    • Regional map
    • City
    • Town
    • Dungeon
    • Castle or other structure
    • etc.
  2. Write-ups are encouraged but not required. Write-ups might include:
    • Explanation of the map
    • Background/historical context
    • Map Key
    • Description of your creative process
    • etc.
  3. Map in whatever medium or software you want, as long as it can be easily displayed on this blog – Campaign Cartographer, PhotoShop, Gimp, Hand Drawn, Cross Stitch, whatever
  4. Map dimensions – should be sufficiently large to view details, but not so big that my hosting provider sends me hate-mail. A width of 1000-1400 pixels is usually sufficient. Try to keep it under 5MB in size.
  5. Map thumbnail – please also submit a thumbnail of your map that is no wider than 550px.
  6. File types allowed: .jpg, .gif or .png. If your map requires some other file type, let me know.
  7. 1 submission per person. The map must be your own and must be a new creation.
  8. Amateur mappers only (i.e. if you make a living making maps, please contact me about being a judge rather than a participant)
  9. All maps are due by August 18th

Judgment Criteria

  • Mapping skills and artistic quality
  • Concept and merit of ideas


I’m hoping to get a small group of mapping industry professionals (artists and business owners) to help judge this contest. In lieu of that, I’ll be the judge.

I have an awesome lineup of judges confirmed for this contest and I’m just waiting for a response from a few others. Next week I’ll make a “Meet the Judges” post so you can learn more about who’s controlling the gavel.


3 winners will be selected to receive a voucher redeemable for any products from the ProFantasy website. Prize amounts are:

  1. $100
  2. $50
  3. $25

How to Submit

When your work is finished, click here to submit your map and writeup.

Once I receive your map, I’ll upload it to the site for everyone to see. If you finish before the August 18th deadline, go ahead and submit – this will give your map more time to be admired by the masses before the judging begins.

Winners will be announced on August 25th.

If you’re going to participate, please let us know in the comments below. Also let me know if you have any questions about the contest that weren’t covered in this post.


  1. Sounds exciting! Count me in!

  2. I’m in for the competition

  3. @Gidde and Joey – I look forward to seeing your entries.

  4. Dominic (Nick) Pelletier says:

    Excellent! Working on a submittion now. Though there is one questions: when you say “New Creation” does that mean it has to be created for this competition? Or simply new content? What I mean is I’ve got a map I created recently that I’m quite proud of but hasn’t been used for anything yet. Can that be entered?

  5. Hi Nick,

    I put a lot of thought into this. My initial preference was to let you go ahead and submit since it hasn’t been featured elsewhere yet, but ultimately I think it really needs to be a new map made specifically for this competition. The only reason I say that is because everyone else is working on a 3 week deadline, so it might be unfair to others who don’t get as much time to make their map exactly like they want it. Does that sound reasonable?

    I still would like to see you compete – and I hope this doesn’t cause any ill feelings – so I hope you’ll start another map for the contest. I’ll send you an email about the map you already finished – maybe we can find another way to share your map outside of the contest parameters.

  6. Dominic (Nick) Pelletier says:

    That’s perfectly alright. I’ll still be entering anyway. Just thought I’d check. Better get cracking! Thanks.

  7. Can I be added in?
    If there is a world map I have made previously, can I do a new map of a region from it?

  8. Sven Myrin says:

    I have submitted a map for consideration. I didn’t see a convenient way to include a thumb. Should I send that as a second submission?

    • Yes, you can just submit the thumb via the same form.

      I should probably just stick a second upload button on the form to make it easier. I’ll look into that…

      • Sven Myrin says:

        Oops! I should have read the submission guidelines more carefully. The submission I sent was created in June and NOT specifically for this competition. I apologize for the inconvenience but I will have to respectively remove my map from the competition. Thanks anyways. I’ll see about creating something new.

        • Sven Myrin says:

          Well I put together a new regional map. Took a while. Hope you all like it and I wish everyone who enters the contest good luck! I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions.

  9. i definitely plan to join in

  10. I submitted my dungeon map yesterday and then saw that I was supposed to respond to this thread as well. I also cross-posted my entry at the Cartographer’s Guild.

  11. Warren Godone-Maresca (Gallifreyan) says:

    I just submitted my map!

  12. Joachim de Ravenbel says:

    Well, don’t have too much time but I will try to send something, if only for the fun.


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