Lair of the Beast

Isometric Dungeon, Lair of the Beast

I made this isometric dungeon map using Campaign Cartographer and the Annual 2012 June edition. The map is based on the artwork of Herwin Wielink (AKA Djekspek).

CC3 makes it easy to take all the map elements and combine them together to make a dungeon any way you see fit. While this modular approach doesn’t give you complete control over your map (since each piece is pre-drawn), the benefit is that you can put a dungeon together very quickly. The uniqueness of your dungeon manifests in the layout.

My only complaint is that I’d like to see more variety of isometric accessories (treasure, monsters, traps etc.). Hopefully, they’ll include that in a future update.


  1. Easton Haaff says:

    I love this map… If it’s okay with you I was going to implement this into a 3d world I’m making for me and my friends adventures

  2. Hello! Great job!
    I bought CC3+ and Perspective 3 by ProFantasy.
    How I can create the multilevel isometric map?

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