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epic world

I made this map for Epic World – Cinematic Landscapes, a sampling album by composer Eduardo Tarilonte. The map will be used as a background on the album cover.

[Hint: If you want to see it at a bigger size, right-click on the image and open it in a new tab or window]

If you take a close look at some of the names, you’ll probably recognize quite a few. I didn’t get lazy with naming things, they’re actually relevant to the product and intentional. The rest of the names were mostly generated with the excellent Everchanging Book of Names.

The landmasses were made with CC3, which is my usual software of choice. The rest was done in PhotoShop because I decided I wanted to do some experimenting. I also got the sea monsters from CC3 symbols, but re-drew them with my new tablet in PhotoShop (that was part of the experiment – never used a tablet before).

The map was greatly inspired by some of the community members of the Cartographer’s Guild.

Unlike most of my maps, which are free to use for commercial or personal use, please only use this one for non-commercial purposes.


  1. Pamela Gifford says:

    Thanks for the open use of the maps you create. I’m a content writer with a creative writing column on I find this map appealing and am sticking it on an article about creating a fantasy world for reference in writing a fantasy novel. Just thought I’d let you know where I was using it and how much of a help this site is. Keep creatin’!

  2. I have to say, your best work is your black & white stuff.

    Okay, so this isn’t technically just black and white, but I think you get what I’m saying.

  3. i totally like your maps and i have used some of them occasionally for DnD campaigns and such. I was wondering, is it ok to take your Epic World map and use it as a base to create a new one (pretty much change the whole of it, along with names and areas)? Does your non-commercial-only use apply for the changed map? Either way, thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I love this map, what fonts did you use?

  5. Thanks! This helped me out a lot in preperation for my story. It gave me a better understanding on how to put my thoughts on paper.

  6. Is there any chance of being able to use the country shapes, no names or anything or is it completely banned for any commercial use to all? Merely wondering because the map is stunning and perfectly suits the game that I am currently designing. Beautiful Work.

    • Hi Matt,

      Since I received compensation for this map and it was used for a commercial product, you wouldn’t be able to use the exact shapes for other commercial use. However, there is nothing preventing you from drawing inspiration from it and using very similar land forms in your own work.

  7. Thanks for the use of your map!

    It will inspire my pupils to write their own myths in my class- thank you.

  8. Can you please give me the names of brushes used in this one?

  9. Feliz Randol says:

    Thank you soooooooo much for this! I am currently writing a fantasy series and this map is just what i needed! I will dedicate this series partially to you for this!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  10. Darkstand says:

    Just wanted to drop a line, and let you know we were using this map as the campaign setting for a IRC roleplaying/storytelling group.
    The map is great stuff, full of locations that beg for stories to tell about them.

  11. wonderful map however I have a question I just put it in the contact thing

  12. Hi there. Ive been looking for a map example like this for a while. This map is the exact style of how I want to do my maps for my writings.
    I would really love to learn how to do this style of catography?
    Im currious, is there any particlular way I could ?

  13. Dear Map maker,

    I am currently trying to start up a small project, however I lack the art skills to draw such an amazing map. I have a couple of sketches what it supposed to look like, would you care to give it a try?



  14. Solomon Bartholomews says:

    Just wanted to let you know, using this map (and actually a few of the sample tracks from the product you made it for (and others by the same artist)) as a huge inspiration (and probably the main campaign map) for a 5e D&D campaign. I did have a question about what you imagine the city of Tar to be like?

  15. Nice map, but there is no sense in the names on the map. Its like a mixture of your typical Tolkien inspired names and some Japanese sounding names. I know the names isnt the point with the map, and it is a nice map indeed, but i find them a bit disturbing. Im a mappophile 😛

  16. Hey, I love this map So much! I would love to use it in a DnD campaign. However I would like to change the names, would it be possible to get a copy of this map without the names? I would so appreciate it. I just do not have the photoshop skills to remove the names and rename.

  17. spongebob yolo says:

    I do like these maps, I think you find them a lot in fantacy books

  18. As a cartographer, I seriously can’t get over how good your maps are. They are very high-quality maps.

  19. Could this map be printed withOUT any names? I like it and would like to use it my campaign, but I wish to change the names.

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