Land Mass Outlines

A reader recently emailed me to ask:

I just wanted to ask you if you have any Map outlines without stuff inside them. Just continent traces or something of the world. Something like that. Clear and black and white – something I could be usable and be easy to insert stuff inside them. Like a colouring-in kind of thing. A stencil.

So to answer her question, here are some land mass outlines from some of my maps:

Right click + “save as” on the images below to get full-size or click here to download them all in a zip file

(sorry, the map thumbnails look horrible because of the thin lines, but they clear up when you open to full-size)

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Does anyone else find a use for these types of map? Anyone interested in map outlines, or maybe black & white maps with land features (mountains, rivers, forests, etc.) but no text or man-made structures? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Patrick Stippinger says:

    Yeah landmasses are great but with land feautures it would be even better…

    esp. black an white maps with natural feature would be great

  2. Teacher 7th & 8th Grade says:

    The kids will love making a map and writing an adventure story with these!!!

  3. This as simple as they are I must say are great. I’m working on a fantsy novel that requires use of maps such as these a blueprint to the places within my writings. Your efforts made mine one step easier. Thank you greatly.

  4. Nice! And thank you. I need some inspiration, the more the better.

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