Fantasy Overland Map #8

fantasy map with mountains and valleys

This map is inspired by Patrice Dumas‘ excellent Valedale walkthrough.

The variated contour colors hopefully give a sense of depth to the landscape with mountains, valleys and forests.


  1. really nice map I think it accentuates the contour elevations by using the shading rather then standard contour lines, giving it an overall 3d effect. I have purchased all the campaign cartogropher software and my biggest problem is trying to find a map tha will fit on one single 8×10 paper If you could email me with some help on this I would love it. Maybe I am just sizing it wrong……….. anyway loved this map. keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Dennis, glad you liked my map.

    I’ve never really printed out any of my maps, so unfortunately I can’t give you very good advice in this regard. The best way to tackle these kinds of questions is to join the Campaign Cartographer mail list. They have a very active and helpful community of users and developers who would be able to answer all your questions about using the software.

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