Poll: How Do You Want to View My Maps?

Until now, whenever you clicked on one of my maps the image popped up in a “lightbox.” It looked pretty and professional, but had some drawbacks – mainly that it slowed down the page a bit and the image wouldn’t display any bigger than your computer screen. So if you wanted to view full-size images, you had to right-click + “view in a new tab.”

I just removed the lightbox functionality to see if it made any difference in the viewing experience. But before I commit to anything, I’d like to get your opinion in the poll below.

[UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Thanks for your participation, and see my comment below…]

[poll id=”4″]

Please also leave a comment and let me know which option you like and why.


  1. Thanks everyone for your input. It looks like the lightbox is definitely out.

    Now I need to ask your assistance… Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that will automatically add target=”_blank” to an image link? I’ve found several that will do it for external links, but none that apply to a linked image. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

    I’ll keep looking for a good solution to add this functionality. In the meantime, you can always center-click on your mouse or right-click + open in new tab if you want to open the image (or any other HTML link for that matter) in a new tab/window.

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