New For Christmas – ProFantasy Gift Vouchers

Do you have a cartographer or fantasy enthusiast in your life and don’t know what to give them for Christmas?

The folks at ProFantasy came through with a solution just in time for the holidays. They now offer gift cards so your special someone can choose their own products.

There are a few things I really like about ProFantasy vouchers:

  1. They don’t expire
  2. They can stack with other vouchers
  3. You can use some now and some later, if you so choose

I actually had a voucher code from a couple of years ago. I had used half of it to purchase Dungeon Designer 3 and some symbol packs. About 2 years later, I wanted to get City Designer 3 and some of the Annuals. Fortunately, I still had the voucher, and it still worked. Hooray for non-expiring gift cards!

For those of you in a table-top gaming group, this would also be a great gift for your Dungeon Master so (s)he can make PC-slaying battle maps even faster.

Click here to check out the ProFantasy gift vouchers.

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