Mapmaking Competition – All the Entries are In, So Let the Voting Begin!

All the entries have been posted and it’s time for everyone to cast their vote. Even if you’re not a judge, you can still rate each map. Just click on the links here to visit the page for each map and use the stars below each post to rate it.

Here are the contestants:

Gragmoor Quarry, by Nick Pelletier

Kins’Rin, by Duncan Peterson

Lune Fi – Latoon Regional Map, by AkherQursan

The Free Kingdoms, by Sven Myrin

Dungeon Stronghold of a Planar Lord, by Mrrkyllothur

Nyhem, by Pär Lindström

The Land of Mórthyr, by Warren Godone-Maresca

Lands of the Shan’Gali, by Joachim de Ravenbel

Mount Celestia – Lunia, by Shessar

OK, now get out there and vote!

Also, please leave (civil) comments and criticism for the artists on their posts. Participation in mapmaking competitions are great if you win, but they’re also a good chance to get feedback.

Our judges will also be checking out the maps over the next few days. Prize winners will be announced next Wednesday, August 25th.


  1. All those maps are Beautiful. I was hoping to send in an entry but I just wasn’t able to get any work done. Good luck to you all.

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