Map Contest Question – What is a “New” Map?

Nick asked:

When you say “New Creation” does that mean it has to be created for this competition? Or simply new content? What I mean is I’ve got a map I created recently that I’m quite proud of but hasn’t been used for anything yet. Can that be entered?

It’s a great question, and I just want to clarify for everyone.

The map must be a new work, created specifically for this competition.

Here is my full response I left to Nick:

I put a lot of thought into this. My initial preference was to let you go ahead and submit since it hasn’t been featured elsewhere yet, but ultimately I think it really needs to be a new map made specifically for this competition. The only reason I say that is because everyone else is working on a 3 week deadline, so it might be unfair to others who don’t get as much time to make their map exactly like they want it.

So if you plan on competing, please make sure you’re submitting something new and original.

Nick made a great-looking map. So even though it’s not part of the competition, I wanted to showcase it anyways. Click here to see Nick’s map.

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