Fantasy World Map #2

Fantasy World Map #2

Here is my second shot at a world map. This one just focuses on terrain types rather than actual symbols.


  1. Hey ! I just wondered if I could use one of your maps (not this one especially) for my website !? I’m french, and I’m starting some kind of RPG. I don’t think my website is gonna have thousands of members, but we may reach hundred members in some months, or years x’)

    Anyway, I just wanted to know if you were OK with this. If yes, I’m gonna send you an e-mail, so you know which map I’m using and where !

  2. i just wondered if u would mind if i used your fantasy world map for the book i am writeing. i dont plan on geting the book pulblished. but if i were to get that far i would say where i got the map from.

  3. Sure. Most of my maps are free to use –

  4. I’ve looked through all the maps and keep coming back to this one! Would love to see more!


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