Fantasy Overland Map #7: The Five Kingdoms

Fantasy maps - The Five Kingdoms


  1. SeveredWind says:

    You’re getting better. Hope to see more.

  2. Thanks! I hope to keep ’em coming.

  3. what program did you use?
    looks great!

  4. Hi Derath,

    Most of the maps on this site (including this map) were made with Campaign Cartographer 3. It’s a great tool for people like me who aren’t very skilled at making their own maps with PhotoShop.

  5. on this map ill bet 20$ u got daggorland from J.R.R. Tolkien’s map in The Lord of the RIngs. Except the real name is Daggorlad not land.

  6. @Eric – who knows? Maybe subconsciously I did!

  7. Or perhaps it’s because the island is shaped like a dagger?

  8. yes jim, I think that’s the more likely answer!

  9. ahh, but he spelt it dagorland not daggerland

  10. Please tell me the program you used

  11. two things; first, is there any way to download these maps and use them? second, could I some how get campaign cartographer 1 or 2 for cheaper? 50 dollars kind of scared me off.

    • @dave: 1). To get the large version of the maps, just right click on the thumbnail and open the image in a new tab or window. Then you can save the map to your hard drive.

      2). I don’t think Profantasy supports CC1 or CC2 anymore, and I don’t see it for sale on their website. Maybe you could find it on ebay??? If you’re not tied down to Campaign Cartographer, you could always get AutoRealm or Gimp – steeper learning curves and not as pretty out-of-the-box, but FREE is a great price. Or you can do what I did when I first got CC3 – put it on my Christmas wish list and wait til December.

  12. Thanks these are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thank you soo much! This map is increadible and just what I need. I’ll be sure to add your link and tell friends about this awesome site!

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