Fantasy Overland Map #1

Fantasy Overland Map #1


  1. this site has made me express my own fantasy world!!
    it inspired me to draw my own map and write a novel called:
    THE UNFOUND COMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s not how rivers and lakes work. Unless something is broken in your fantasy world. That gigantic lake feeds into a river. It goes the other way around.

    • Thanks for your comments duder, however I must disagree on that point. Many, if not most, lakes are in fact open lakes. Here’s an explanation to help clarify:

      An open lake is a lake where water constantly flows out under almost all climatic circumstances. Because water does not remain in an open lake for any length of time, open lakes are always fresh water: dissolved solids do not accumulate. Open lakes form in areas where precipitation is greater than evaporation. Because most of the world’s water is found in areas of highly effective rainfall, most lakes are open lakes whose water eventually reaches the sea. For instance, the Great Lakes’ water flows into the St. Lawrence River and eventually the Atlantic Ocean.

      Open lakes typically have stable levels which do not fluctuate because input is always matched by outflow to rivers downstream. If more water enters an open lake than was previously leaving it, then more water will leave the lake. The drainage from an open lake, like that from ordinary rivers, is referred to as exorheic (from the Greek exos, outside and rhein, to flow).

      There is another river in this map, however, which might be problematic: the one at the bottom that appears to split between a mountain valley. The only way that one would make sense is if two rivers joined together – one from the west and one from the south – and then continued to flow easterly.

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