Fantasy Dungeon Map #4

Fantasy Dungeon Map #4

Here’s my first dungeon using Campaign Cartographer’s Dungeon Designer 3.

An eccentric master with a passion for unique flooring abides in a stronghold in the side of a mountain.

  1. Cave entrance
  2. Commons
  3. Kitchen
  4. Common living area
  5. You don’t want to end up here
  6. High Priest of the White Dragon
  7. White dragon – you probably don’t want to end up there either
  8. Keep entrance
  9. Wizard’s quarters and lab
  10. Banquet hall
  11. Master’s quarters


  1. Just found your website and wanted to leave a note of encouragement. As a DM, one of the most time consuming elements of the game is the map making. Sites like yours are a real boon. Thanks for the work. It IS appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Jonathan. Glad you enjoy the maps.

  3. Just stumbled upon your site when browsing through google for “Map maker”.
    i was really interested as this is the kind of map i wanted to create, and you even provided a link of the software you used.

    Starting from 2 onwards, i find that that more and more details are added, and i can kinda figure out whats happening in room 5. 8 to 11 is even better, with proper lighting and beautiful tile set. keep up the good work. will be keeping watch of your site too 🙂

  4. I was googling “fantasy maps” for inspiration, and I stumbled upon this. Pretty cool! Some of the dungeons and the newer overland maps looked great. (I’m running my first D&D campaign)

  5. googled “fantasy maps” and found your site
    good work and goo diaglouge in your writings…


  6. Thanks Wally, I appreciate the positive feedback.

  7. Al. I. Cuza says:

    Very nice Website 😀

    After seeing this, I beginn to think about buying this stuff as well.

  8. Glenn Hefley says:

    It is a shame that affiliates of that program don’t actually get any money. It seems a real bummer to me that you are doing all of this work, and keeping all of these comments going, when you will not get a dime for your efforts. All you can do is get more of their software. Not a very good deal if you ask me.

    I wonder why this program isn’t on Amazon any more as well? That would at least be real cash if you could sell it through Amazon, but as it is, … well.. you are doing nice work, hope you are getting some good game time out of your efforts.

  9. Yeah, a better affiliate program would probably inspire me to make maps more often =P

  10. Just found your site like the others above!
    I’m creating my first world for DnD campaigns and map making is a bit difficult with all the things you have to consider all the times and on top of those be creative too!
    I wanted to say a very big thanks for all these really good maps!!
    I may use some and be inspired from the others!
    Excellent work!Grats!! 🙂
    Will keep an eye on this site from now on keep up the hard work and thx again 🙂

  11. Easton Haaff says:

    Hey I’m really not that good at stuff like this and I was wondering if you could recreate this map with a dragon egg in the wizard lair and clear out room 7 entirely

  12. I´ve just started with CC3+ (really, I´ve bought it yesterday :D) and the only thing that cames to my mind is WOW! Thanks for your maps.

    PD. I want to be like you… some day XDD

  13. Is there a way to export these to a website like Roll20, or would that just end up me recreating the map there?

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