Emerisia Fantasy City Map

Not enough detail? Then click here for the extra-large version (caution – big file).

Emerisia is a densely-packed port city. Made with the Fantasy Cities Annual of Campaign Cartographer 3.


  1. I have a friend that started his campaign with your city map (Emerisia) and now would like me to modify it a little. I have all the CC3 add-ons and the first 4 annuals so symbols are no problem. Can the file be purchased reasonably?

  2. I’ve been searching high and low for resources, primarily maps, that would help me in writing a special project; your generosity is so very much appreciated. I was almost stuck because I didn’t have any decent maps to reference the location(s) of the many different characters. Thank you so, so very much. I’ve taken advantage of saving all of your free maps.

  3. How does this work?
    How do I get a CC3 copy of this map?
    It is just what I’ve been looking for.

    • Hi Argus,

      As long as you have CC3 you should be able to open and modify this file. Using the annual mentioned in the post will make it easier to modify it, but I don’t think it’s required. Check your email for the file.

    • William O'seland says:

      I hate to add it, but, “me too?” I learn easier with an example in my hand than with an image on the screen and I think your city, taken into CC3, would help explain much of what I don’t understand from the youtubes and written tutorials.

      If this is a charge item, how much, and to whom do I send the money.
      Cedar Wolf

  4. P1nts1zeDwarf says:

    Could u draw out a world map

  5. Hi there! Would love the CC3 file if you don’t mind. Thanks!

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