Dungeons are Coming

I finally scrounged up enough cash to get Campaign Cartographer‘s Dungeon Designer 3. Expect to see some PC-killin’ underground goodness coming soon.


  1. Your work is very impressive, i’ll give you that – Though the pictures are a bit too bright to fit a good, dark Dungeons and Dragons or a sinister Zombie survival game or anything, the placement of towns, cities, mountain ranges, and so on your World maps are well thought, and the style, though slightly cartoony in places (Like the gigantic chasm on Fantasy World map 1 – A mate of mine pointed out it would of flooded with water if it was that deep or wide), is good for most uses of the maps.

    If I may ask one favor, though I know I have done naught for you but mention your website to 2 friends, could you make a map with a slightly darker look? Make the map paper look brown, old, show everything as a symbol of what it is or a direct, finest quality copy of this imaginary landscape.

    Good work!

  2. Thomas – thanks for the compliments and constructive criticism. I still consider myself new to mapmaking, so hopefully my maps will improve over time. I’ll definitely take your advice into consideration when I get the time to make more maps.

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