Lair of the Beast

I made this isometric dungeon map using Campaign Cartographer and the Annual 2012 June edition. The map is based on the artwork of Herwin Wielink (AKA Djekspek). CC3 makes it easy to take all the map elements and combine them together to make a dungeon any way you see fit. While this modular approach doesn’t […]

The Underground Temple of Argosi Gods

In the religiously militant lands of Crenoth, migrant Argosi must worship their deity in secret. A hidden staircase leads the devout to a sacred chamber beneath the Argosi consulate where they can lay oblations at the feet of their gods unmolested. The sounds of flowing water and ethereal chanting offer refuge from the harsh Crenothian […]

Stone Hill Hideout

In a rocky tundra, a stream cuts through a stone hill where bugbear bandits hide out from local authorities and await further instruction from their masters. Life as a bandit in the tundra leaves little room for creature comforts: A few barrels of supplies, a couple of cushions used for worshiping the effigy of Gorgoroth […]

Fantasy Dungeon Map #4

Here’s my first dungeon using Campaign Cartographer’s Dungeon Designer 3. An eccentric master with a passion for unique flooring abides in a stronghold in the side of a mountain. Cave entrance Commons Kitchen Common living area You don’t want to end up here High Priest of the White Dragon White dragon – you probably don’t […]

Fantasy Dungeon Map #3

Fantasy Dungeon Map #2

Fantasy Dungeon Map #1