New York City Map Contest

The Cartographers’ Guild is running a map-making competition for September-October – Mapping the Big Apple Challenge. The top 45 maps will be featured in a gallery exhibition at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, with prints available for public purchase (70% of the price after print costs go to the artist). Here are all the […]

Mapmaking Competition Winners

The judges’ decisions are in and all scores from the mapmaking competition have been tallied. It was a close race, and all contestants should be proud of their effort. I know everyone just wants to know who won, so I’ll save the rest of my comments for the bottom of the post. Here are the […]

Mapmaking Competition – All the Entries are In, So Let the Voting Begin!

All the entries have been posted and it’s time for everyone to cast their vote. Even if you’re not a judge, you can still rate each map. Just click on the links here to visit the page for each map and use the stars below each post to rate it. Here are the contestants: Gragmoor […]

Mount Celestia – Lunia, by Shessar

This is a mapmaking competition entry from Shessar. Lunia … The Silver Heaven … Entry into the Plane of Law and Goodness … Forever night, lit by an endless expanse of silver stars, Lunia is a place of beauty, peace, sparkling fountains and endless wonder … An isometric view of Lunia seemed the only way […]

Lands of the Shan’Gali, by Joachim de Ravenbel

This is a mapmaking competition entry from Joachim de Ravenbel. Software used CC3 / DD3 and a home-made application do design interlacing and export to CC3. Summary It’s a map I designed for a RPG campain with my kids. The Shan’Gali are an ancient race now long forgotten but for the most knowledgeable scholars. They […]

The Land of Mórthyr, by Warren Godone-Maresca

This is a mapmaking competition entry from Warren Godone-Maresca. Software Used The map was made in GIMP. The mountain brushes are from, the hill and tree brushes are from Cartographers’ Guild, and the compass is from Map Design The land mass came from some rendered clouds to which I applied a threshold. Then […]

Nyhem, by Pär Lindström

This is a mapmaking competition entry from Pär Lindström. Design notes I decided to make a city map for the competition. The map is done in both CD3 and Photoshop CS5. All the houses (except the circular arena in the middle of the town) are done in CD 3. But to spice things up I […]

Dungeon Stronghold of a Planar Lord, by Mrrkyllothur

This is a mapmaking competition entry from Mrrkyllothur. ***** Update ***** As mentioned here, I offered to post updated maps for our competition participants if they felt like implementing some of the advice given by judges/commenters on their original submissions. Mrrkyllothur has done thusly, and here is his updated map: ***** Resume Original Post Below […]

The Free Kingdoms, by Sven Myrin

This is a mapmaking competition entry from Sven Myrin. Notes I designed the Free Kingdoms map with Photoshop 7 per my usual style using many CC3 elements and with a healthy dose of blending effects. The map took about 20 hours of work to complete. Since I had to create the map from scratch for […]

Lune Fi – Latoon Regional Map, by AkherQursan

This is a mapmaking competition entry from AkherQursan. Lune Fi The capital region of Latoon. Mainly inhabited by a race named Horin Ti. “A land not yet blessed by the gracious deeds often done by the tiny people of the Tri Oilun faith. With countless territories containing large dry canyons and beasts that are unmatched […]