A Tale of Silmarilli and a Free $25 Campaign Cartographer Gift Certificate – Merry Christmas

One day when I was a young’un, I visited the Orlando Public Library to check out some books for school. They had a small room with used books that they were selling for $1 each. I started combing through the bins and shelves to see if I could find anything interesting. That’s when I came […]

New For Christmas – ProFantasy Gift Vouchers

Do you have a cartographer or fantasy enthusiast in your life and don’t know what to give them for Christmas? The folks at ProFantasy came through with a solution just in time for the holidays. They now offer gift cards so your special someone can choose their own products. There are a few things I […]

Terra Incognita Gallery Show

I just got back from TERRA INCOGNITA: Maps of Imaginary Worlds at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art. The gallery features lots of maps by many fantasy artists from Cartographers’ Guild. The maps are displayed on large-screen monitors so you can get up close and really see the details. If you’re inclined to take one […]

Campaign Cartographer Discount – Only a Few Hours Left

I don’t usually do any overtly promotional posts, but I think this is too good of an offer not to tell you… If you’ve been considering getting CC3 or any of the software add-ons, now is the time to buy! There is a 15% sale on all software items until midnight Sunday. I assume that’s […]

Steal My Maps

I hereby grant you permission to use any map on my website (unless specifically prohibited) for any purpose whatsoever, be it commercial, personal or otherwise. No need to ask me for permission, just copy the file to your computer and have your way with it. If you feel like being generous, please link back to […]

New Fantasy Map Maker Blog Feature – Rate My Maps

Most of you subscribe to Free Fantasy Maps via email or RSS feeds – and for that I am grateful. If, however, you wouldn’t mind stopping by the site, I’ve implemented a new rating system for my maps and I’d love to get your feedback. Rating the maps will help me see what you like […]

Fantasy Cartography – Find Maps from Your Favorite Novels

If you love reading fantasy literature, you know that most good stories require a good map. If you’re having trouble finding a map for the story you’re reading, try the Fantasy Cartography website. They have a great collection of maps based on fantasy worlds you’re already familiar with. In their own words: It happens all […]

Subscribe to Fantasy Map Maker

Firstly, I’d like to thank those of you who frequent this website for your interest and words of encouragement. I enjoy the map-making process immensely and I’m grateful to be able to share it with you. For those of you who are new to the site, and to those of you who come back often […]

Mapping and Gaming Resource List from RPG Tonight

RPG Tonight has a useful list of mapping and gaming resources that I stumbled on. Apparently, they provide a virtual tabletop environment for gamers who play at a distance. I hope to check it out soon – right now we use a combination of skype and tokbox, but it looks like RPG Tonight might do […]

Dungeons are Coming

I finally scrounged up enough cash to get Campaign Cartographer‘s Dungeon Designer 3. Expect to see some PC-killin’ underground goodness coming soon.